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swedish massageA Swedish massage is a well-known technique that is one of the most popular forms of rejuvenating both mind and body. It is often overlooked, because of talk about Thai massages, sports massage, and trigger point therapies, but Swedish massage is actually a pioneering technique which has been used for hundreds of years. If you have never gotten a massage at a spa, this is one of the best massage services everyone should try.

Swedish massage uses long and rhythmic strokes across the body to help both your mind and your body relax. It is soothing and firm, but not as rough as a sports massage. This comparatively gentle therapeutic treatment is a part of the reason that Swedish massage is so popular.

Swedish Massage involves a number of simple treatments – Effleurage – which is the repetitive strokes that the massage therapist will perform with their fingers, or their palms; Petrissage – a kneading, pressing and squeezing motion which is performed to release knots and force the muscles, to relax; Tapotement – the tapping motion that is used to stop muscle spasms and release tight muscles, and friction and vibration – which stimulate the nerves, promote relaxation, and offer pain relief.

Compared to other forms of massage, Swedish massage is quite gentle. It’s great for reducing tension, and can even help to move lymph fluid around the body, and also encourage the release of feel-good hormones that are thought to have healing benefits. What’s particularly interesting is that you can get a lot of the same benefits from Swedish massage that you would get with other, harder forms of massage – so it all comes down to what you want out of your treatments. If you find the ‘hard’ massage nice, then have that. If you prefer (or need, for medical reasons) something lighter, then Swedish massage is still a good choice.

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For a lot of people, massages aren’t about the physical benefits, but about the mental benefits. Modern life is very stressful, and massage therapies can help to release both the physical tension around the back, neck and shoulders that a lot of people experience from working in an office, and help to clear the mind too.

It’s important that you work with a licensed therapist; someone who is trained and has the knowledge required to adjust the pressure of the treatments, so that they will give you the maximum benefit without causing undue pain and without putting your health at risk. A good therapist will identify the areas where you need more pressure, and where a light touch is enough, and they will give you the attention you need to get the most out of the massage.

Swedish massages are quite common in most spas in the west – even if they aren’t as heavily marketed as sports therapies. They have a lot to offer to people from all walks of life, and they’re the sort of treatment that can be done in 30-60 minutes, and still give you a good, fresh and relaxed feeling that will last all day.

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